Carjacker throws 7-year-old from truck at Walmart

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HOUSTON, TX – A quick trip to Walmart turned out to be anything but for one Houston family.

A mother and her seven year-old daughter were pulling into the store’s parking lot on East Louetta near I-45 in north Harris County, when she heard the sound of shopping carts banging around.

She got out to move the carts and to finish parking, and that’s when a man with a gun pulled her out of the truck and took off.

Her daughter was still buckled up inside.

“So I opened the door and I was like,’my daughter’s in there! Let me get her out!’ and I was going to open the second door to let her out but he just shut the door really fast and took off some more,” said the mother, who did not want to be identified.

Mom says she ran and caught up with the truck and tried to open the door again, but this time it was locked.

“So I finally just started screaming, ‘my daughter’s in there! My daughter’s in there!’ and when he gunned the truck to come around the corner people started hearing me and they were like, ‘Do you know him?’ and I said, ‘no I don’t know him.'”

Mom says after a few more chaotic minutes of driving around the parking lot, the suspect stopped and threw her daughter out.

“He told me to get out so I said ‘OK’ and started crying so he just pulled me out and opened the door and threw me out,” said the little girl.

Heartbreaking words from a 7-year-old!

A couple of witnesses tried to chase the suspect down, but he got away.

“Hopefully they’ll catch him, I don’t know but I’m glad I got my daughter back. That’s what I wanted,” said Mom.

Now here’s the scary part: Mom thinks this was a case of two men working together as a team–one man crashed into the carts with his car, the other jumped out and attacked her.

“It’s stuff you hear on the news all the time but you don’t ever think will happen to you,” said Bryan Spencer, the victim’s husband, who was not there at the time.

We’re just glad mom and daughter are OK.

Trucks are replaceable, but children are not!


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