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dogTOLEDO, OH – Batman has Robin. Ben Affleck has Matt Damon. Oprah has Gayle. And Izzy has Sammy!

Izzy is a dog. Sammy is a cat. Sure dogs and cats are supposed to hate each other, but Sammy is proof that cats can be caring; even to dogs.

You see, Izzy got attacked by a bigger dog. Vets say the bigger dog had Izzy in its mouth, with its teeth puncturing Izzy’s stomach. But ol’ Sammy the cat came to the rescue. Sammy distracted the bigger dog, so the dog dropped Izzy and started chasing the cat. But Sammy had the last laugh and made it up a tree.

Izzy’s owners found him and took him to the vet. His injuries were critical, but vets say he’s expected to make a full recovery. And he’s got his cat-pal to thank for that.

We hope the other dogs don’t find out, we’re sure he’s got a rep to protect.