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HOUSTON – A seven-year-old boy is beaten 62 times on his head, shoulders and body over five grueling minutes and it’s all caught on hidden cameras at a northwest Houston dumping ground!

“The suspect got out of the car….got the little kid out of the car…brought him around to the front of the hood– and started just beating him relentlessly with a belt,” Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen described.

Most of the video is too graphic to show on TV. Even cops had a tough time trying to stomach it.

“It actually made me feel nauseous in watching the video how sad it was,” Rosen shared. “This little seven-year-old kid was hit so hard he was knocked off his feet in many instances.”

About three hours later, deputies arrested Kordarell Williams, 27, and charged him with ‘injury to a child.’

Officials say hidden cameras saved the day!

“We have about 65 cameras that are deployed throughout the city and county, and we’re actually trying to catch people who are illegally dumping,” Rosen explained.

A deputy was monitoring the site live on his computer at home.

“Saw this car pull up and saw the ensuing abuse of a child,” Rosen revealed. “So, essentially he thought it was going to be somebody that was illegally dumping.”

Instead, they caught this horrific child beating!

Officials say Williams was dating the little boy’s mother. Now, Child Protective Services is investigating.

For the time being, Williams sits in the Harris County Jail since a judge denied him bail, and officers say the little boy should be okay.

“He is a wonderful kid….very sweet,” Rosen said. “And for him to be beaten the way he was beaten is unconscionable.”