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COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA – What do you do when you might be drunk and a couple of cops approach you?

You get naked and jump in a lake, of course!

Well, at least that’s what a naked woman in Iowa did; and it’s all caught on camera because the cops actually gave this bystander– Jeremiah Wilson– a bodycam to record the whole arrest.

“Hold this, please,” an officer says in the video.

“Yep, I gotcha,” Wilson responds.

“There was something gonna happen,” Wilson later reflected. “And it did. And it was all caught on film.”

The woman can be seen screaming and yelling out obscenities all throughout the video.

Police must have known this was going to be one nasty arrest because they actually wanted it to be recorded!

“They were getting spit, kicked, hit… they took off their belts…went in the water,” Wilson recalled. “I mean, they…they did everything they could to make sure that she was safe, and that everybody else involved was safe as well.”

Apparently, all the chaos started when someone called the cops to report that the woman– who had two small children with her– was behaving oddly at a local lake.

But one of the kids’ relatives says the woman was acting fine. “She was sober,” the man said. “Not drunk at all.”

Obviously, something happened after that relative left.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of intoxication, disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer, indecent exposure and child endangerment.

Looks like the cops saved the day!

“They kept everyone safe, and they did a tremendous job!” Wilson declared.

Yep, rescuing a nude woman is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!