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HOUSTON, Texas – The Houston Police Department is investigating one of its own after a confrontation caught on camera with a Houston man who was carrying a gun during an open-carry demonstration.

The man, in his 20’s, did not wish to be identified. He says his rights were violated when an HPD officer tried to arrest him for not having identification on him while he was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle and claims officers attempted to erase video of this incident.

He had been rolling on the entire confrontation.

According to the open-carry laws in Texas, one is not required to have any form of I.D. as long as one is not breaking the law.

“In that situation, I don’t think the police officers had any right, whatsoever, to ask him for identification,” said Houston attorney Bret Kisluk.

After the man told police he didn’t have his I.D., he was handcuffed, put in the back of a squad car and that’s when he says police tried to erase his video.

Kisluk also said, “If this was a case that they arrested him on for failure to identify, then that is evidence in the case; and if they’re doing that, that could be tampering with evidence.”

Soon after the altercation, he was released with no charges against him.

Now, it’s just a matter of time to see how the HPD internal investigation turns out.