CDC tells nearly 41 million contact lens wearers: ‘You’re doing it wrong!’

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HOUSTON, TX - Hey contact wearers, it`s time to open your eyes. You`re doing it wrong!!!!

The Centers for Disease Control says that most of the nearly 41 million American adults who wear contact lenses have some sort of germs in their eyes. Ninety percent of hard contact wearers rinse their lenses in tap water and that`s if they didn`t store them in water all together. Both are major no-no`s. Half of wearers sleep or nap while wearing lenses and more than 60% say they swim in them.

The CDC recommends:

  • Washing hands with soap and water, then drying them well before touching contact lenses
  • Take out contacts out before sleeping, showering or swimming
  • Rub and rinse contacts in disinfecting solution each time they are removed
  • Rinse and dry the case, then store them upside down with the caps off after each use

Close to one million people end up at the doctor every year from problems caused by their contacts.


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