Chandler Parsons leaves Houston women with heavy hearts

Women of Houston sad to see Chandler Parsons leave

Women in Houston sad to see heartthrob Chandler Parsons take his game to Dallas.

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HOUSTON, TX- Chandler Parsons may be laughing all the way to the bank in Dallas with his new contract with the Mavericks. Houston women are left with a different emotion since they see the guy as a heart throb. So the ladies around the Bayou City are in severe depression.

Parsons may no longer be a free agent as far as the NBA is concerned, but if his “girlfriend’s” InstaGram photos with Johnny Manzeil are any indication of his love life, then  it looks like Parsons will be keeping that “free agent” status in Dallas.

Lebron James went back to Cleveland, so who knows, maybe one day Chandler Parsons will make his way back to Houston. If  that ends up being the case then  ladies could hope they are still a free agent when he comes back to town.

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