Child care more expensive than college

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ARLINGTON, VA – Are you good at saving? Well, you might want to go the extra mile after listening to these numbers. The nonprofit Child Care Aware of America suggests that in nearly two-thirds of the country it is more expensive to send a toddler to a child-care center than to a public college.

Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Colorado are the five least-affordable states for child care, where it can cost up to $16,430 per year — 15.10% of an average family income. In Texas, where everything is always bigger and cheaper, child-care can cost an average of $8,495 per year, which is 11.70% of a typical family income.

“Our fees in our infant room run twelve hundred dollars a month,” explained David Caldwell, CFO of the Childhood Center in Houston. “And then it gets less expensive as the child gets older because the number of children to a room increases.”

Safety regulations, labor, housing, food and utilities are some factors driving the prices up. Clearly, if couples knew more about financial planning, nobody would ever have children. But luckily for the survival of the human race, love is always more powerful than numbers.

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