HOUSTON (KIAH) — Revel in the majesty of the moon and the joys of the harvest and celebrate the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Fest at Children’s Museum Houston.

Be there Saturday, Sept. 30 beginning at 10 a.m..

Explore this holiday with a variety of Asian traditions including these activities listed below…


  • Áo Dài Fashion Show:  Learn about Vietnam’s national garment during a “runway” show. 
  • Lavang Lion Dance Team:  This athletic troupe takes over to perform a traditional lion dance. 
  • Vietnamese Story Time:  Experience “The Grain of Rice That Made a Difference” by Vietnamese American author Loan Nguyen.
  • Lantern Making:  Design and show off lanterns used traditionally in parades.
  • Jade Rabbit Banner:  Learn the legend of the rabbit in the moon at Junktion.
  • Moon Festival Fan:  Design a unique fan inspired by the moon at Junktion.
  • Sky Lantern Collage:  Make a scene of floating lanterns in Alexander Art Academy. 
  • Constellation Art:  Use found items to create common constellations in Science Station.