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deathHAIKOU, CHINA – A 41-year-old woman is on trial in China, accused of getting testy with a man by squeezing his scrotum until he died.

These are the crushing details.

“Rocketnews24” reports last year, a Chinese woman riding a scooter got into scuffle with a 42-year-old shoemaker in front of his store. The man didn’t want her motor bike parked in front of his establishment and confronted the lady. But this was no lady.

The brawl soon took a ballsy turn when the woman took her kung fu grip to his privates and clamped down, like there was no tomorrow. And for the man, there wasn’t. The sad sack succumbed to his testicle trauma!

But if this crippling blow below the belt wasn’t enough for the sore shopkeeper, to add insult to injury, witnesses claim they heard the woman, with nads firmly in hand, say “I’ll squeeze it to death! You’ll never have children again!”

The man ended up dying of shock a short time later.

Now facing capital charges, the nutcracker is in court to find out her future. It goes without saying; we’re sure all men out there hope this testicle trial, goes off without any wrinkles.