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LIVERMORE, CA – Drug lords should seriously consider selling avocado. That’s the real business of the future!

California scientists say increasing temperatures could cause a 40% drop in avocado production over the next three decades and prices are going to get hot.

Chipotle is going on red alert, or should we say green alert? In its annual report, the fast food chain said climate volatility could have a significant impact on the price and availability of avocado and other ingredients.

Can you imagine? Mexican food without guacamole? It’s like a sandwich without bread.

But don’t cut your burrito out of your diet just yet, alright? After all this buzz, Chipotle’s spokesperson said the media shouldn’t blow the issue out of proportion. Perhaps the whole thing is nothing but a disclaimer just in case food companies and restaurants need to start dipping all the way into your pockets to pay for other costs of doing business.

Either way, next time you slice your avocado, enjoy it as if it were your last.