Cinderblock thrown from overpass injures woman in car

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CRESWELL, OR – Forget timber, more like cinder!

A cinderblock came crashing through the windshield of an Oregon couple’s car, hitting the woman in the chin!

“I didn’t notice what was going on. I just heard a big smash and the windshield went out and I asked my wife what was going on and she had blood running everywhere.”

Michael Becker and his wife, Tiffany were driving on Interstate Five under an overpass when someone threw the cinderblock down onto their car.

“It didn’t dawn on me. You know, we were just driving, I thought I just hit a deer or something.”

“It hit her in the chin and, then, bounced back at and hit her in the shoulder and, then, landed in her lap. It was sitting on her lap when we stopped.”

Tiffany was taken to the hospital and left that same day with ten stitches in her chin.

Witnesses told state troopers that a group of four people, two riding bikes and two on skateboards, were in the area roughly at the time as the block hit the Becker’s car.

Officials said they aren’t sure if the group is behind this cinderblock throw.


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