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HOUSTON-  A wilting canna lily is the only beauty that remains at 4916 Sadler Street in North Houston.

Richard Pfirman owns this home and 355 others in Harris County.  Although he owns more homes than anyone else in town, the City of Houston thinks he’s a lousy landlord and is suing Pfirman over the condition of 56 of his properties.

The lawsuit, which includes this house, alleges the properties are dangerous, a nuisance and violate city ordinances. The total appraisal value of all 56 properties is about 1.7 million dollars.

We wanted to get the owner’s side of the story so we dropped by one of Richard Pfirman’s homes listed on the Harris County Appraisal website. We knocked but none one answered.  Hmm, the cars were there. The house is so large maybe they couldn’t hear the knock. It turns out we’re not the only one looking for Pfirman, the city hasn’t been able to find him to serve him with this lawsuit.