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HOUSTON — Neighbors in Fifth Ward are excited about a new grocery store that will be built on Lyons Avenue near Sakowitz Street, and Houston City Council is ready to put some big money behind redevelopment in the area.

Construction is already underway for the Teloloapan Meat Market.

Grants and loans equaling $835,000 were supposed to be voted on Wednesday in city council, but due to what effectively amounts to a typo, the vote will have to wait until next week.

The meat market isn’t just about meat.  The two-story structure will also serve fresh produce, processed foods, house a bakery and a tortilla factory and a kitchen area.

According to the mayor, it’s a good deal for the city.

“When you take into account what the benefits we are receiving […] the benefits way outweigh anything that we are providing,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

And like every other business that pops up in the Fifth Ward area, it brings with it jobs. Seventy-one jobs in this case.

Reinvesting in historic neighborhoods, and making sure those communities can thrive, is clearly a priority in this city government.