Clairvoyant gives predictions for 2015

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HOUSTON, Texas – As we look to 2015, we all wonder what’s next? What fate might be in store for us and for Houston.  A special few “readers” have the answers.

“The card that I pulled for Houston 2015 is miracles,” said celebrity intuitive Antigone Vastakis, a fifth generation clairvoyant who is in the Bayou City on a tour and is willing and able to tell us what’s coming.

“We are in the time of absolute opportunity,” she predicted.  So, let’s take advantage of that and see what’s going to happen with the things that matter most.

“As far as the Houston Texans go, these guys are an extraordinary bunch,” acknowledged Antigone.  “However, there’s also the egos that get involved between the players and the head coach.”

All in all, how they manage to get along is up to them.  And what’s up with the gas prices?

“Yes, we’re seeing them drop,” explained the angel reader.  “The gas prices are low and everybody is enjoying that at the time, but also people are little nervous about ‘will there be layoffs?’  Well, there probably will be.  However, it’s going to turn around, and it’s going to turn around quickly.”

Vastakis will be leading a workshop at “Body. Mind and Soul Bookstore” on Sunday, January 4.  For more information, visit her website.  The clairvoyant has special advice about why 2015 is going to be a great year for personal growth.

“2015 adds up to the number eight,” she said.  “So, that’s about balance, that’s about power, that’s about using strength and managing that in a harmonious fashion.  Be brave and fearless, and also try something new for yourself.”

You’ve heard it, folks: the stars are rooting for us, they’re rooting for Houston and not so much for the Texans.  But it’s all good, so bring it on, 2015!!!


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