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There are some ways to bring attention to school lunches, but the way that John Belushi’s character does in Animal House is not one of them.

But Alief Taylor’s Aditi Busgeeth had a better approach. Our class act of the week wrote an article on how to make school lunches better and more sustainable.

Busgeeth, a junior, says, “My article talks about how we could actually create a farm to school system in which the students could actually play a role in developing the farm land as well as the gardens and by making it a hands on experience a lot of students actually become more involved, more invested in the foods that they eat.”

Her journalism teacher, Kevin Roberts, adds, “She has not only great scholastic ability but an emotional maturity.”

The article she wrote won third place in a national journalism competition.

Busgeeth says, “I was so excited and I also couldn’t believe it because part of me was just sort of doing my job as a journalist, so I didn’t see it as a contest but I saw it just as my job.”

That job being a writer-editor for the school newspaper “The Den.”

Her skills have won her awards at the state level competitions, and she sharpens those skills in speech and debate competitions as well.

Terrick Brown, Alief Taylor’s Forensics Director, says, “She quickly excelled winning first place and second place in most of the tournaments that we went to.”

Roberts adds, “She truly is a great role model for other students. Not only students in journalism but throughout the campus.”

Busgeeth says, “Well my dream is to go to the University of Pennsylvania and study environmental studies and hopefully become like a public policy analyst for like the EPA or the government and help shape environmental policy.”