Class Acts: Chiamaka Echebiri

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Some people may debate whether or not a student is a Class Act, but when it comes to Chimaka Echebiri, you might not want to debate this Elskik High School Junior

That’s because she’s our Class Act of the week. Echebiri is drawing rave reviews from her teammates on the school’s debate team.

“After the first tournament that when she started getting all these trophies. She started making it to finals. She started getting first, seconds, and third… it was just amazing because she was literally unbeatable,” said one of Echebiri’s classmates, Quang Vo.

Echebiri’s debate team coach, John Lemaster, said,  “At her second tournament conclusion, she wanted to challenge our best debater at that point so she’s looking for the highest mountains to climb and to do the best she possibly can.”

You want climbing mountains? How about trying to start a new club at the school?  She’s currently trying to get a World Affairs Council and a Model United Nations started, plus she’s already got another club started.

“Operation Smiles is actually a new organization that I tried to introduce to the school”, said Echebiri.

Echebiri knows where she wants to go. She’s taking as many AP courses as possible and is trying to get more and more involved with community projects. It’s all about trying to land at Columbia University.

“I just have an obsession with the school since my 10th grade year and some of the people I look up to have gone to that school such as Obama, Alicia Keys; some famous people.  I think it’s a good school. I want to major in law and it’s a very good school for law so that’s my choice”, said Echebiri.

She seems to have made all the right choices so far as she sports a straight “A” report card. But she is more than just grades.

“She’s just got a great personality. Everybody seems to get along with her. They seek her for help because she understands and she’s patient”, said Samson Kim, a teacher at Elskik High School.

So there’s no debate about it—Echebiri is a class act.

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