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HOUSTON, TX – If you’re not familiar with the Greek language then you probably don’t realize that Konstantinos Varvarezos is telling you that he’s our Class Acts of the Week.

The senior from Westside High School will be his school’s valedictorian.

Numbers and equations might make some people cringe but Konstantinos feels right at home with math and science.

Konstantinos says “A lot of times, I feel like the equations and things like that…I mean, it’s not like I can see everything simultaneously, but I do feel more comfortable with those things because it is logical. ”

Kostantinos has already taken 12 A- exams and scored perfect on 11 of those.

Kostantinos helps other students by tutoring them in math and physics, but while math is his first love, he is also very proud of his Greek heritage.

He does some folk dancing for his church.

Plus, he has been playing piano since the first grade and now shares his talents by playing for residents at the Parkway Retirement Home. But he is far from retiring, since he is only now choosing where to go to college. On his short list are MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton and Stanford.

He has some lofty goals for after college.

He says, “Because I would like to do some research in the field and to sort of make new discoveries and advance mankind’s knowledge on the scientific and mathematical topics.”

Oh, is that all?

Well, no matter the language, you can see that Konstantinos is one Class Act.