Class Acts: Kyle and Kory Davison

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Meet Kory Davison and Kyle Davison.

Yes, you’re seeing double because the twin juniors at Cypress Falls High school are our class acts of the week.

If you can’t tell them apart, you’re not alone.

“When they first started playing here, I didn’t know which one was which. I was always calling Kyle Kory and Kory Kyle. After a while, whichever one you are, get out there,” said Cy Falls High School basketball coach, Jim Draudt.

“He still gets us wrong at practice. He always calls me Kory. It’s two different teams coach but it’s just funny”, said Kyle.

“At first I couldn’t tell them apart but they’re just unbelievable. They’re not only good in basketball, but they’re good in Spanish”, said Cy Falls Spanish teacher, Betsy Arnold.

The twins are excelling in the classroom where they are in the top five percent of their class.

They are members of the National Honor Society, the Science Honor Society, and the Spanish Honor Society.

They’re also good on the hardwood. Kyle is playing Varsity while Kory is on Junior Varsity. It only seems right since Kory is the elder of the brothers—by one whole minute.

“We’re very close. We take everything seriously when it comes to school or basketball. Through basketball we compete, very intense. We’re real close. He’s like my best friend. I always rely on him to do stuff for me. We always rely on each other”, said Kyle.

“They’re the kind of kids that are easy to coach because you don’t have to tell them more than once. They pick up what you’re doing I think if you tell one maybe osmosis-like, it goes to the other one, but they’re great kids,” said Coach Draudt.

They’re only juniors but they’ve already told dad they don’t want to be cougars but are hoping to be Aggies.




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