Student overcomes dyslexia to become senior class president

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“Whenever I have an interest, I go for it, I don’t look back and you know step back from it. I keep pushing forward and I think that is something that everybody should have to get far in life.”

Some sage advice from a teenager because our Class Act of the Week knows what she’s talking about.

Makeena Spencer is a straight “A” student who is the senior class president at Oak Ridge High School, and she’s also colonel for the Liberty Belles dance team — the highest possible position on the drill team.

Spencer says, “It’s just my favorite thing to do, and I’m planning on doing it in college. Hopefully, I’ ll be on the Aggie dance team and then maybe an NFL cheerleader. That’s my dream.”

She’s already part way there since Makeena will be going to Texas A&M next year where she’ll study physical therapy.

Her school spirit is effortless, but hitting the books is another story.

Spencer says, “When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed with dyslexia, so it’s trouble for me to read and sometimes I have to read things slowly and over and over again until I really understand what the question is asking or what the passage is about.”

Rebecca Barber, Dance and Drill Team Director, adds, “We knew that she had it and yet it’s not something you see because she works so hard behind the scenes to make that something that she doesn’t have to worry about.”

Words and letters may get scrambled around, but she’s on a straight path toward success.

Barber says,  “We met Makeena as a junior high girl and she was quiet and kind of still growing into herself and her person, and over the years, we’ve seen her turn into this amazing young woman that just keeps going and going.”

Spencer will represent Spring in the Miss Teen Texas pageant, so it won’t surprise us any if we end up seeing her one day on the sidelines at Reliant Stadium living her dream.

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