Class Acts: Paolina Gonzales explores the art of dance in a variety of ways

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HOUSTON – Paolina Gonzales is curious about the art of dance and how it moves people. The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts senior is currently working on a project where she designs choreography for people that are not used to dancing.

“I thought it’d be really nice to see how other artists choose to take on this idea of dance, and explore it in ways that maybe us as dancers don’t explore it, because we’re so familiar with it,” Gonzales said

Gonzales has an intense curiosity, which has led to her being interested in not just dance, but also photography and cooking. In academics, she excels in the field of science. She’s deciding between attending Columbia University and New York University next year because both schools have strong dance and science programs.

“Science and math are really important to me because they’re two frontiers of learning and education that for me will never end. There’s so much we don’t know about the sciences, we don’t know about the universe,” said Gonzales.

To learn more about this Class Act, check out the video above!

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