Class Acts: Senior Justin Wenner is going to new heights at school, the mound and the skies

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For this week’s Class Act, we’re heading to Galena Park’s North Shore Senior High to meet Justin Wenner!

He’s in the top 10 percent of his class, plays pitcher and outfielder for the Mustang baseball team and is well on his way to earning his pilot’s license.

“Once I took that first flight, you got to see the world from a different point of view. Ever since then, it’s like it’s your first time all over again,” Wenner said.

Wenner is a down to earth guy, except when he’s not.

“It’s a hard road to get up there, you’ve got to build hours and stuff,” he said. “But I feel like once I get up there, it will be well worth it.”

He’s just 17 and is one test away from earning his private pilot’s license. His dream is to be a commercial pilot, and folks at his school say they have full faith.

“I think it really speaks to his discipline, his perseverance, and his knowing, ‘this is my goal, and I am going after it no matter what.’” Mack Eagleton said.

Wenner’s managed to work on his pilot’s license, play on the baseball team and volunteer— all while staying on top of his grades!

They say he always gets the job done with a healthy dose of humor.

“He is so humble and he [exudes] that humility all the time,” Eagleton said.

Wenner says he loves volunteering with the Challenger Division of North Shore Little League.

“It really warms your heart as much as theirs once you’re out there and you see them laugh and having a whole bunch of fun,” Wenner said.

He’s a hard-working student already taking off towards success.

“The sky is the limit for Justin,” Fisher said. “I don’t see anything holding him down.”

Wenner is going to attend San Jacinto College so he can stay close to the airport and continue racking up his flying hours while he’s completing a degree.

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