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Rema Patel may be small in stature when walking the halls of Pearland High School but this week’s Class Act is anything but small-time.

In 2010 Rima was awarded the first Mahatma Gandhi Ahimsa award for her continued commitment to the Gandhi principles and for promoting peace in the greater Houston area.

Rema: “The basic goal of the project was to encourage people in the greater Houston area especially the kids and teenagers to be more peaceful and fight against bullying and practice non-violence and things like that.”

How exactly did she pull the project off? By writing a children’s book of course.

After all what teenager doesn’t pen a book these days.

Jackie Shepherd: “It really is amazing. I mean the one thing that sets Rema apart is that she is truly compassionate and she wants her message to go out to everyone.”

If she can’t get her message through with the power of the pen, then she will turn to swinging the hips.

You see Patel has a love and dedication to Indian classical dance and has earned a certificate of accomplishment in two different forms.

Rema: “I’m still learning and i think it’s the journey of continuing to learn that’s really beautiful about dance.”

Her desire to learn and be inquisitive has her be very successful when it comes to the classroom.

Corey Cogwell: “She’s very much a leader in class. She does help other students when they are struggling and she understands the material.”

Patel wants to eventually study aborad and is looking at attending college at the university of Texas, North Carolina or NYU. Once she decides where to study, you can bet she’ll immerse herself in that community to make it a better place.

Jackie: “To find her level of involvement and true compassion for others. You know it is rare. It’s very special and I think that’s something that comes from within and it excites me to see what she’s going to do in the future.”