Valedictorian has future goals mapped out

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HOUSTON, TX – “It’s pretty cool how I’ll be graduating from college with my two years degree before I even graduate from high school.”

Tuyet Nhi Tran will be getting an Associate’s college degree before she even delivers her Valedictorian speech at her high school graduation ceremony.

East Early College High School principal Tamera Bolden says, “I don’t think she ever set out to be Valedictorian. She always just set out make an A in every class that she tookand she made sure she took really, difficult classes and she always did very well in them.”

Tran took college level courses during her summers to earn the credits necessary for to get her college degree. But Tran is more than just about getting straight A’s/ CW39’s Class Act of the Week is an active participant on the debate team at East Early College High School, but that wasn’t the case at first, Fortunately, she lost a debate with one of her classmates.

Tran says, “My best friend actually dragged me into it. So at first I was really against debate because I thought it was just boring arguing about stuff but once I got into it, it was a really fun and cool thing to do.”

Another activity that Tran excels at is with The Robotics Club,

“It was a really interesting club to join. I got to make mouse trap cars, bottle rockets, and I’ve also gone to national competitions with it which was really fun too.”

Tran will be going to the University of Texas next fall and she already has her mind set on becoming an anesthesiologist for her career. Tran realizes she several more years of schooling ahead, so it’s a good thing that she has a handful of scholarships to help pay the bills.

Bolden says, “It’s scary that she already knows what she wants to do, that she knows what she needs to do tog et there and she already has her finances lined up.”

Tran may have all her career goals in front of her, but she is still working on the final details for her Valedictorian speech. Here’s a good line to put in, since it has applied to Tran.

Tran says, “It turns out that hard work throughout high school actually, really did pay off.”

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