Clemens Shows Support for Military Moms

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Former Astros pitcher Roger Clemens was trying to do his small part to support the red, white and blue. At his son’s restaurant Katch 22, brunch was being served to honor mothers of the military.

Meredith Iler, Chairman of the Board for, says, “Roger Clemens is just a an amazing patriot and he has answered the call time and time again when we’ve called him.”

More than food was being shared, though. Stories were being told and emotions were worn on mother’s clothing.

Clemens says, “You can see the emotions on some of the families faces here when I was talking to them and of course they presented me with this flag and you could see the emotions are still run big time. I can’t even imagine. I have four boys and I can’t even imagine the pain they’ve gone through and the sacrifices they’ve made.”

Clemens is more that happy to help military families

“Any time that we can have a chance to help the families of our soldiers and what I just found out today, some of them are no longer with us. I mean their are families who lost their sons, or their brother or their uncle.”

That reality shows the importance of being there for each other even if it’s just to give a hug or some grub.


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