Clinton about to make history on last Super Tuesday of 2016

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LOS ANGELES, CA – If it’s Tuesday, it must mean presidential primaries are taking place. In other words, it’s not just any Tuesday. It`s Super Tuesday……again! Only, this is the last one of the campaign season and covers six states.

So the question is, does this Super Tuesday really matter?

Based on committed delegates, Hillary Clinton has already locked up the democratic nomination. This is the first time in the history of this country a female has ever been a presidential nominee from either U.S. party.

As for the presumptive republican nominee, Donald Trump`s not getting the support of every member of his party. Former president Ronald Reagan`s son Michael tweeted he`s not supporting Trump and neither would his dad, if he were still alive. According to Michael, this would be the first time his dad would not be supporting the GOP nominee.

Did you know the Donald has a big sister? Maryanne Trump Barry is a federal judge. She`s far more private than baby brother, but given the family ties, some question the wisdom of Donald`s attacks on the Mexican heritage of the federal judge presiding over his Trump University case.

Vaughn Walker is a former federal judge. “You would think that in the councils of the family, a little bit of what she does and how she conducts herself would have rubbed off on Mr. Trump but apparently it hasn’t done so.”

You may judge for yourself!



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