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HOUSTON, TX – Moms are supposed to know everything, but we bet a lot of moms might not know about ‘Code Adam.’

‘Code Adam’ is a 20-year old program named after Adam Walsh who was abducted from a Sears department store in 1981 and murdered.  The program helps locate missing children in stores, movie theaters, and even amusement parks.
Kroger employees across the country hit the ground today practicing Code Adam drills.
“Each associate has a role within their department to locate the child.” explained Tony Hankins Kroger’s Loss Prevention Manager for the Houston area.
Employees man all store entrances to insure children aren’t taken out, And the system works.
“We have experienced some live Code Adams, and every live Code Adam we`ve had, we`ve been successful in finding the child.” said Hankins
We all hope to never to have to use the system, but it is nice to know we have “Adam” in case a child goes wandering off?