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GREELEY, CO – A Colorado college campus is turning into animal house.

Students at the University of Northern Colorado are now allowed to have either a cat or a dog live with them in their dorm rooms.

“This is an offering that you can’t get any where else and that’s an opportunity that we think students would like to come to UNC and that’s a new draw to live on campus,” said Brad Shade, UNC director of Housing Services.

The four-legged freshman haven’t taken over the whole campus yet. So far only 21 rooms of one dorm are involved, but the program will grow if this first year is a success.

And so far, so good.

“Me and Bootsie we’ve been really close like i’ve had him forever and so being able to have him here i think is really gonna help my academics and stuff cause i’m not worrying about him at home,” said Morgan Monroe, a UNC junior who lives on campus with her 17-year-old cat.

Studies have shown pets can help relieve anxiety, and with all the stresses of going off to college, it’s no surprise students are finding comfort in their familiar friends.