Company making waves with new underwater oxygen bar

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DIAMOND SPRINGS, CA – If you want to get some fresh air, you might have to get tanked (probably not what you’re thinking). The company Clear Lounge has just opened a brand spankin’ new underwater oxygen bar in Diamond Springs, California; but it travels, too.

The thirteen-thousand gallon tank will be placed at certain cruise line ports to be used by guests after their ships dock.

This new way to socialize, relax, and possibly get rid of a hangover is making a splash. Guests can immerse themselves in fun using special Sea Trek diving helmets that pump aromatherapy air and concentrated oxygen.

Some of the things you can do underwater, take pictures at a photo booth, play Jenga games, and shoot a bubble gun.  Carnival Cruise Line is set to make waves with the first oxygen bar in Cozumel, Mexico.

So, it looks like traveling could be the first step to getting your feet wet.



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