Confederate flag and noose hung outside Missouri home

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SPRINGFIELD, MO - Just when you thought the whole Confederate flag-racism controversy was over, just look over to Springfield, Missouri.

A resident hung a confederate flag over his garage door along with a noose.  It doesn't sit well with at least one neighbor.

Neighbor Justin Clopton says, "There is a lot of history of this country that is really despicable, and that noose represents bad things in the south.  The way I look at it, a noose means lynching."

The noose and flag were both taken down after they drew unwanted attention, but the flag went back up pretty quickly.

Its owner, Jeffrey Tindle says the Confederate flag represents history to him.

"The Confederate flag, the Rebel flag, whatever you choose to call it, it does not stand for racism at all. It stands for pride and heritage," Tindle claims.

Say what you want about the confederate flag, but how can someone justify the noose?  Tindle claims it wasn't intended to be part of the display, and says his brother was learning how to tie knots when the noose was made.

Everyone may not agree whether the noose is or isn't a hateful display, but it sure is twisted.

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