Congressman Al Green presses on with call for Trump impeachment despite threats

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HOUSTON – Politics can certainly be dirty, but it’s been downright ugly for Texas congressman Al Green after he called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Hateful messages were left at the Congressman’s office and they’re quite disturbing.

“I didn’t see anybody talking about impeachment of your n—- Obama and he was born in Kenya, was not even American, so F— Y– N—-”

“Hey Al Green we’ve got an impeachment for you and it’s going to be yours. We can give you a short rope before we hang your n—- ass.”

On Saturday, congressman Green doubled down on his message of impeachment to a crowded town hall meeting.

Green said, “Friends I want to assure you that no amount of threats or intimidation will stop what I have started, I promise you that.”

He called for Trump’s impeachment earlier in the week saying, “I rise today Mr. Speaker to call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America for obstruction of justice. There is a belief int his country that no one is above the law and that includes the President.”

The president has been under fire since his firing of James Comey. The former FBI director was overseeing an investigation into Trump`s possible ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Trump supporters think the accusations are ridiculous and POTUS himself has called this a witch hunt.

Representative Green responded by saying, “The American people disagree. 48% of the American people say they think that the President should be impeached. I don’t think 48% of the American people are looking for witches.”

Bet both sides of the aisle wish this situation would melt away.




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