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CONROE, Texas — Nearly two years ago, a Conroe family adopted a 12-year-old girl with down syndrome from Bulgaria.

Sevy Eicher, who is now 14 years old, is also non verbal. However, her art speaks volumes. Sevy’s parents discovered she had an incredible talent for art.

“She started painting and just blew us away,” her mom Lisa said.

Sevy now has her own studio as well as her own way of doing things, the mother said.

“She doesn’t like any suggestions, shes completely self taught,” Lisa added. “She just really seems to know what she’s doing and she has a vision for each piece.”

Lisa said Sevy’s art and creative ability comes naturally.

As Sevy’s passion for art grew, her family decided to create an Instagram account, Sevy Marie Eicher, to show off her art work. Sevy and her family woke up to over 10,000 followers overnight.

“It wasn’t just followers who followed our family, it was artist who were sharing her work and a lot of the art community,” Lisa said.

Once people started asking to purchase her work, Lisa and her husband Joey thought about the bigger picture.

“So I started thinking about how this could be huge for her future and that she could have some sort of independence and make a career for herself,” Lisa said.

Sevy’s passion for art led the Eicher family to develop a nonprofit called Sandal Gap Studio. The organization’s goal goes beyond art and is all about inclusion.

“For us it’s really about showing the world that people with all abilities have worth,” Lisa said.

To see more of her art work or to purchase a piece visit Sevy Marie Art Shop.