Construction Worker Falls 53 Stories To His Death On Second Day On The Job

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Los Angeles, CA - To live and die in LA became a sad reality for an unlucky construction worker after falling 53 stories off a skyscraper on only his second day on the job.

"I thought it was a piece of metal that they had dropped off the building," Alecia Lewis, an eyewitness, commented.

It was actually a 36-year-old electrician falling to his death.

Lewis described the falling figure she saw "flipping, flipping, flipping extremely fast...then I heard Bang! And Platt!"

Turns out the man's body landed a slight distance from the building falling onto a car with a woman driving it.

Lewis said the gruesome sight "made me start screaming uncontrollably."

The female driver was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

But some witnesses may need to be treated for shock. "Very traumatizing," Lewis summed it up.

Frankie Aguirre who lives nearby said "he was already on the floor by the time I came here. It was just, I mean it's so was so sad."

While the fall appears to be accidental it remains a mystery why the worker was on the 53rd floor, since the construction company said he had no reason to be up that high.

The company also claims they were in full safety compliance on-site. "There are barricades around the exterior of the building to prevent any worker from approaching an edge-condition," Chris Martin, CEO of AC Martin, the project's architectural firm, announced.

The scene was eerily reminiscent of an infamous suicide off the Empire State Building nearly 69 years ago when a 23-year-old woman plunged to her death off the 86th floor...falling right onto a parked limousine below.

For now, this latest case is still under investigation.



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