Convenience store clerk uses sword to chase away bandit armed with a sword

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PITTSBURGH, PA – Security video from outside a convenience store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shows two brigands, one was armed with a sword approaching the store. Once inside, the man with the blade threatens a customer and demands money from him.

What he doesn’t know is that the clerk also has a sword that he keeps behind the counter, one that looks an awful lot like that scimitar from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The clerk went after the other bad guy who quickly realized he was no match, and turned tail and ran.

The clerk says he didn’t need the sword because he also had a gun.

Apparently, the employees of this convenience store are armed to the teeth. The owner says someone in the back who watches the video monitors also has a weapon.

But that’s not the image they want in the community. They prefer everyone just get along and not pull swords on each other.

But, if push comes to shove, employees of this convenience store should always have the edge.


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