Cops ask Zac Brown for his autograph but don’t arrest him at a hotel room drug bust

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PALM BEACH, FL - Talk about a "Chicken Fried" cover-up! Florida cops are being accused of keeping country singer Zac Brown out of the spotlight, after a sexy party/drug bust at a hotel last week. Here's the low down on the hoe-down.

After a chauffeur parked outside the Four Seasons in Palm Beach was busted with coke, cops hit the party where his passengers were at. Inside a room at the hotel, officers found dudes, strippers, more cocaine, some pot, and the famous country star. Not a good scene, but luckily for Zac, blue was down with Brown.

After a "starstruck" cop allegedly asked Zac for his autograph, they kinda' forgot he was ever there. The signer wasn't even mentioned in the police report. Maybe they took pity on the married man with five kids, who claims he was "invited" to the room by a friend and had no idea about the illegal shenanigans going on inside.

Four people at the party were arrested for weed and coke, but one Grammy award-winning country signer was pardoned.
Apparently, good vocalists can talk themselves out of any situation.

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