Could we see gas prices below $2 per gallon?

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HOUSTON, Texas - What a difference a few months makes. When it comes to gasoline prices, the question around town is: how low can it go? The cheapest we found was at a Stripes station on 249 in Tomball. An incredible $2.18 per gallon. And believe it or not, it's expected to go even lower. With West Texas Intermediate trading as low as $63 a barrel, analysts say prices could drop below $2 a gallon as soon as this weekend.

And while the super-low prices feel good now, those who remember the oil bust of the 80's aren't so quick to smile.

"I really hope it doesn't go any lower because of the people it's going to effect in the oil industry," Houstonian Travis Thomas told us, "because if it keeps going down, the oil companies are going to start laying people off."

Of course, you know how things go around here: give it a minute and it'll be right back up there So for now, consider it a Christmas gift from the oil gods. Odds are we'll be complaining about it again come summer.



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