County officials team up with students to cleanup Kashmere Gardens

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HOUSTON, TX – Stray dogs have been a serious problem in the North Houston neighborhood of Kashmere Gardens for a while now.

Resident Pamela Warren says, “You can’t walk through there without a dog chasing you or barking at you.”

So bad is the problem that in 2013, a pack of 15 dogs mauled a woman to death there.

The son of the woman who was killed went to Wheatley High School. Students from his alma mater and other area schools teamed up with local government to talk to neighbors in the community as part of Kashmere Gardens Community Day.

At the press conference, Mayor Parker said of the neighbors there, “Most of them want to be good neighbors, they just don’t know what the rules are, or just don’t know what our expectations are.”

Together they went door-to-door, passing out information about city ordinances that regulate pets in Houston, and answering questions.

And the kids got a lot out of it too, being given the opportunity to work on community projects.

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Davis explained, “We’re getting our high school kids back in the community… If it’s in your neighborhood you should want to do something about it. And then partner up with your local government and lets see we can work together.”

With the kids on cleanup duty, residents are looking forward to a cleaner, safer community. Say what you will about teenagers, but if that whole “our children are our future” thing is right, Houston is going to be just fine.

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