Couple finds GoPro during underwater adventure

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DURANGO, CO – It’s not every day you hear of someone finding buried treasure, but Allisa Oliger said it happened to her. She and her husband were on an underwater adventure in Colorado when they found a GoPro camera at the bottom of Lake Powell.

“You kind of hope to find something but usually it’s like a golf ball or a broken fishing pole or something,” said Oliger.

Turns out the GoPro had been submerged for about six months and belonged to a previous vacationer named Dan Burkovskiy. Dan lost it while he was on a cross-country trip with his friends.

“I was really bummed out because I saved pictures from up until Chicago, and then after that everything was just lost,” Burkovskiy said. Luckily, it wasn’t lost forever.

Oliger used clues from the video to find the owner.

“I went on YouTube and in the search box I typed in ‘2014 cross country road trip.’ When I typed in Sioux Falls his was the first video that popped up, and I recognized his face immediately,” Oliger said. Then, she found Dan on Facebook and told him about his camera.

It was a moment worthy of a snapshot when Dan recovered his missing camera and photos.



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