Court orders Kate Middleton’s topless photos be taken down

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PARIS, FRANCE – Kate Middleton and Prince Williams’s titillating efforts to retrieve topless pictures of the Duchess are finally getting some much needed support. A court ordered the French magazine, Closer, to hand over those racy pictures of Kate’s ‘girls’ in the next 24-hours, and was ordered to pay a fine.

Criminal charges are also being considered for invading the Royal couple’s privacy. Just because the hard copies will be handed over doesn’t necessarily mean those amazingly average A-cups will never see the light of day again.

That’s what the Internets for people!

The royal family’s happy that Kate’s ‘royal rubies’ are a bit safer now, they say they welcome the injunction, but to get those pictures taken down forever would be a royal pain. Practically impossible.

So, keep it classy Kate. No one blames you for poppin’ a pink when you thought no one was lookin’!

Now, you know better!



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