Court rules to have pregnant, brain-dead Texas woman unplugged from life support

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FORT WORTH, TX – It was a serious case of tug of war over what to do with Marlise Munoz. Back in November, her husband found her unconscious. They took her to the hospital where doctors pronounced her brain dead. Her husband, knowing his wife’s dying wishes, asked she be taken off life support. The only problem was she was 14 weeks pregnant. Texas law requires a pregnant woman to remain on life support until a baby can live on its own, so the hospital refused to pull the plug.

On Friday, for the first time, the hospital acknowledged the fact that Munoz has been brain dead since November 28, and that the fetus inside her is “not viable.’

As you can imagine, the whole matter was taken to court. The court ruled in the family’s favor, but regardless of the outcome, it doesn’t change the fact that two lives were tragically lost.



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