Craig Biggio: Future Hall of Famer and zombie killer

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HOUSTON, TX – Cooperstown, it’s where baseball’s best are enshrined. We’ll soon find out if Astros’ legend Craig Biggio will be one of them.

Houston filmmaker and Biggio fan, Lloyd Richey, believes “Bidge” belongs in the Hall of Fame. And since the 7 time All-Star’s stellar career stats weren’t enough to get him elected last year, Richey decided to help the cause by revealing a side of Biggio we’ve never seen.

In his video, entitled “Craig Biggio for the Baseball Hall of Fame Awareness Video” we see “Biggio” saving a trapped tornado victim, stopping crime and slaying zombies. Huh, that’s probably where the nickname “Killer B” came from.

If you hadn’t figured it out, the video is over the top and very tongue in cheek.

Biggio shouldn’t need his off the field heroics to get him into the Hall of Fame; his 20 years on the field are enough to merit induction and a place next to the greatest in baseball history. Right?



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