Crash leaves 1 dead, 5 EMS and firefighters injured

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HOUSTON, TX – We usually don’t talk about traffic accidents around town, but when a car crash kills one person and sends five EMS workers and firefighters to the hospital; we think that’s more than newsworthy. So, here it is.

Early Monday morning emergency responders had gone to a house on Holman, near St. Charles, and had just finished loading their patient and a family member into the back of the ambulance. That’s when an SUV ran head-on into the ambulance, killing the driver. Five EMS workers and fire fighters were hurt and had to be taken to the hospital; along with the patient and family member who were already inside the ambulance when the crash happened.

All of them are expected to be okay, but now the investigation begins into how and why this all happened. Obviously, this is one wreck with a lot of missing pieces.



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