Creep on Craigslist trades rodeo cook-off tickets for boobs

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HOUSTON, TX – Tickets and wristbands to the rodeo cook-off are a hot commodity, but what one anonymous perv posted on Craigslist went a little over the line.

Now there’s a lot of people looking to buy and sell cook-off tickets on Craigslist, but only one requires you to… show them your goods.

That’s right, 2 tickets to cook-off, but you have to send them a picture of your boobs.

And not just a picture, but when you “meet in a public place of your choosing,” they must be the same boobs at the exchange.

The post has since been taken down, so we don’t know if perv guy got his date or not.  Not everyone thinks this is funny, and thinks the authorities should get involved.

Have fun at cook-off Houston, but try and keep it classy.

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