Cricket Cup raises money for charity

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SUGAR LAND, TX -Who’s ready for some cricket? It’s got a bat and a ball so it’s most similar to baseball, but instead of using a pitcher, a bowler is used. Confusing? It can be, but teams from Memorial Hermann Hospitals around the Houston area came to Constellation field to play the game of cricket in the second year of the Annual Cricket Cup Match.

Ranga Kandala is a physician and team captain for Memorial Hermann Memorial City and he says, “It’s amazing that Memorial Hermann is coming up with this idea. You know you don’t think cricket first here in Sugar Land or anywhere, so number one it’s great that they’re promoting the game and all that for a wonderful cause.”

Rafey Kazi used to be professional cricket player and he assessed the quality of play saying, “It’s a very friendly kind of game. It’s not played like the proper cricket. The physicians are just coming out here to enjoy the game.”

The game may seem a little intimidating, but that doesn’t mean some don’t take a swing at it.

Greg Haralson, CEO for Memorial Hermann Sugar Land, says “I may be a batsman but I may just be out there helping them out in the fields, so I wouldn’t say that I have a really great knowledge of the game but it’s a lot of fun to be out there with them and getting to bond with them.”

It doesn’t matter who ultimately wins this tournament because in the end, it is the Memorial Hermann Medical Missions Fund who wins. This year, the charity hopes the event will raise more than $13,000, making this quite a hit.


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