Crime Stoppers statewide virtual training coming soon


HOUSTON (CW39) Crime Stoppers is hosting a statewide virtual training coming soon in February. The virtual training you will teach you everything you need to know about how to start a new Crime Stoppers school program or enhance your existing program.

The 2-day FREE Virtual Statewide Training will include:

  • Free LIVE webinar 2-day training 
  • This training is Texas Crime Stoppers Council Certified and will count towards 10 hours of continuing certification requirements.
  • TCOLE credit will be offered

The Texas Crime Stoppers at Office of the Governor will offer continuing certification credit. Attendees will need to attend all ten (10) virtual presentations to receive credit for two days.

Follow these instructions to register for the virtual training:

  1. Click here to download the schedule!
  2. The PDF includes the two-day schedule along with links to register for each presentation.
  3. To register for a presentation, click on the title of a presentation and complete the form on the ZOOM website.
  4. Continue to register for each of the ten (10) presentations. 



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