HOUSTON (KIAH) Non-profit organization-Crime Stoppers unveils a new project- a research center intended to combat the rising homicide rate in Harris County. Nationwide, the homicide rate is also rising. Last year, nine major cities set an all-time homicide record including Houston. According to Crime Stoppers, 2021 saw a 70% increase in murders in Harris County compared to 2019.

Community leaders say there are several reasons for the increase in violent crimes including poverty and the pandemic. The spike in murders is disproportionately hitting poor and minority communities. Harris County Precinct 4 adds they are requesting to have more officers on the streets.

I believe the best light we can put in the community is flashlights in the hands of these guys. Our constables and our sheriffs and I think we need to increase especially in the pandemic the number of boots we have on the ground

Jack Cagle, Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4

The Precinct adds the majority of tips they get for crimes is through Crime Stoppers.