Critter News: 2 rescued harbor seals debut, what drove a little chimp bananas, and why is a chicken in a patrol car?

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GALVESTON – A couple of rescued California harbor seals named ‘Tomato’ and ‘Ravioli’ have brand new digs at Moody Gardens on Galveston Island.

These playful pups fell in love with their new home, and after being stranded on the Cali coast…..where ‘Mato lost an eye after an accident with a boat– they’re both lucky to be alive.

“It’s just so rewarding to see them finally out there in their home– where they’re gonna be and live their long, happy lives,” Moody Gardens marine biologist Allison Folsom announced.

That’s one way to seal the deal!

Next up……why did the chicken cross the road?

We don’t know, but since jaywalking is against the law– even for chickens– this bad bird in Portland, Oregon got plucked up by a cop and taken into custody!

Turns out….’Edie the chicken’ flew the coop and escaped from her yard, but now thanks to the long arm of the law, Edie is back home safe.

Hopefully, she won`t get any more ruffled feathers!

Guess this cop just likes to play chicken?

Meanwhile, check out this adorable little baby Southern White Rhino at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Little ‘Justin the rhino’ was born at the zoo and lives in this special African habitat there with his mom, Kacy.

He’s even getting to know his neighbors.

With his species highly threatened by poachers hunting rhinoceros horns, this little family needs all the help they can get!

Finally, what’s making this chimp go bananas?!

This little chimpanzee named ‘Limbani’ just can’t contain his excitement at seeing his human foster parents who took care of him when he was a baby….after being rejected by his mom.

“They give him so much love and attention, and he’s like part of the family,” Mario Tabraue, president and director of the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, explained. “He feels he’s part of the family.”

Limbani now lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Florida and naturally makes a lot of friends.

Little Limbani recently celebrated his favorite holiday so he could show off his patriotism!

“He wants to get hugs when he jumps on them, and all that love that they have for him– he shares back,” Tabraue said of Limbani’s bond with his foster parents.

Chimps are a threatened species in the wild, so Limbani’s foster family hopes humans will do more to save them from extinction.

And as you can see, they’re not monkeying around!



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