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FINLAND – When a reindeer goes down….who you gonna call?

Not Santa. At least not this time of year.

But, if you’re a fawn in Finland……stranded in the Inkoo Archipelago, you hope for a nice Finnish coast guard officer to come along like this guy.

This dude popped up to lend a helping hoof or two.

This poor little Bambi took a tumble on the ice, but his rescue was caught on camera.

Oh, deer!

What a ‘find; day in Finland!

And…..get a load of this gorilla doing his best ‘human impersonation’ at the Philadelphia Zoo!

This tweet has gone viral with a couple hundred thousand views and counting.

The gorilla’s name is Louis, and the zoo says the 18-year-old walks this way to avoid getting his hands dirty when he’s carrying a snack.

So, what will Louis try to do next?

Maybe ‘Walk Like an Egyptian?’

Nah, that dance went out with the Eighties!

Finally…’ve heard of Snoop Dog?

Well, meet ‘Snoring Dog!’

Yeah, this is ‘Moose,’ a dog in Ohio who snored so loudly he actually woke himself up.

And Moose also happens to be a certified emotional support dog who helps his owner battle depression.

But thanks to this video with over five million views, his owner joked ‘Moose’ has to go incognito on walks due to his celebrity status.

Now that’s a doggone sleeping shame!