Critter News: Baby elephant rescued by adult elephants at zoo, dogs trained to dial 911, when squirrels attack!

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SEOUL, South Korea - For anyone who wonders if animals have feelings, check out this incredible baby elephant rescue caught on camera at Grand Park Zoo in South Korea.

When a baby elephant fell into the pool, his mom started to panic until another adult elephant rushed in to help. The two elephants joined together to sandwich the baby elephant between them and safely steered it out of the water.

Speaking of helpful animals, can your dog dial 911?

Researchers at Georgia Tech are training dogs to use a dog-friendly touchscreen, like a telephone, to call for help during a medical emergency.

"A person with diabetes can have an episode where they become very disoriented and they might not be able to make a phone call," director of Georgia Tech's Fido Project, Melody Jackson, said.

"This allows the screen to get a little messy, but still be functional," said research scientist Clint Zeagler.

"These creatures are man's best friend for a reason," Jackson said.

One pooch in Pennsylvania must have missed the Georgia Tech class.

Maverick the dog busted out of a window three times to sit on his roof, leaving the local fire department at its wits end.

"He's very loyal and wants to be with his family," Maverick's owner, Krystin, said.

But not all critters are friendly.

A Florida squirrel caused quite the ruckus after attacking  three people in a park and leaving a little boy pretty scratched up.

"The squirrel just randomly jumped out, thought maybe he had food in his hand," a Florida constable said. "We think that possibly the squirrel was maybe released and was raised in a home or something."

That's one aggressive squirrel!


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