Critter News: Boa constrictor found in apartment, wild bear walks into hotel, and lost dog found in the Rocky Mountains?

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Calling all couch potatoes!

You’ll never guess what a Milwaukee woman found slithering under her footstool— a 7-foot-long boa constrictor!

Yeah, not exactly what you have in mind when looking for some sofa snacks!

“We got a phone call from a very distraught woman,” wildlife control worker Paul Winkelmann shared.

No idea how the snake got in the woman’s apartment, but it may have crawled in a laundry vent.

Wildlife control gave this guy the big squeeze to a new zip code!

Speaking of surprises…oh, deer!

Guess what happened on this busy road in Russia…one of Santa’s reindeer decided Christmas came early and made a clean break from a zoo.

The restless reindeer got so jazzed about his reindeer games he even smashed a car windshield on the road along his escape route.

It took one of Santa’s helpers on horseback an hour and a half to finally corral the desperate deer and get him back to the zoo.

No word on what punishment he might face from ole St. Nick, though.

Up next….here’s something to bear in mind when visiting the notorious Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

This wild bear recently wandered right into the lobby of the hotel made famous for inspiring author Stephen King’s terrible tale– The Shining!

Nope, this big fella didn’t check into Room  237.

However, he did seem to make himself feel rather comfy.

But after he decided to scram, he didn’t seem beary happy.

Oh well, guess this is one hotel even bears take a shining to!

Finally, also in the Rockies, talk about going to the ends of the earth to find a lost dog!

“Come, come, baby. Hi!” a woman calls out to a matted dog.

This poor pooch— a Goldendoodle named Bentley— matted and full of burrs, ran off when a fatal car crash killed his owner after the vehicle fell 600 feet down a mountainside in Colorado!

Ironically, the dog named after a car survived the devastating crash, though Bentley was thrown from the vehicle and lost for three weeks.

After all Bentley’s been through, he’s a real reminder to never give up on finding a lost furry friend!

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